How to Connect to Remote Databases

Gitora 2.0 enables developers to clone, fetch and pull code from remote Oracle Databases. An important step to use these features is to establish a connection between source (i.e. remote) and destination Gitora installations This tutorial explains how to create this connection.

1. Install Gitora to Source and Destination Databases

In order to be able to perform remote database operations, Gitora must be installed to both databases.

2. Enter the Connection information for the Remote Gitora Installation

Open the Gitora Application for the destination database. Under the menu bar click File –> Manage Remote Gitora Connections.

Menu Bar

The Remote Connections Dialog shows up.

Remote Gitora Connection Management

Click the + button end enter the following information:

Alias: A descriptive name for the Gitora Server of the source database. (No spaces or special characters.

Protocol: http

IP: The IP of the Gitora Server of the source database. This information can be obtained from the URL of the Gitora Application of the source database.

Port: The port of the Gitora Server. This information can be obtained from the URL of the Gitora Application of the source database.

Context: If the URL of the Gitora Application for the source database is http://192.168.15:8080/GitoraForSourceDB/main.jsp?name=Gitora then the value for context is GitoraForSourceDB

Root Folder: Name of the database schema of the Gitora installation in the source database, in lowercase.

Git Daemon Port: (For Gitora 3 only) Enter 9418 to this field.

Click OK to save the changes.

Your Gitora installation (destination) is now ready to clone, fetch and pull from the remote (source) Gitora installation.

Important Note: Gitora 2.0 assumes the presence of a secure network. In other words, do not use public IP addresses for connecting to remote Gitora installations. Authentication to connect to a public Gitora installation will be implemented in a future 2.x version.



  • Toño Alvarez

    Hello everyone, I’m having troubles cloning a remote repository, when I select the Remote Gitora, nothing is shown in the Remote Repository combo (see image).

    The URL of the source Gitora is:

    I’ve followed the instructions in this post but I’ve been unable of make it work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Toño Alvarez
      • Yalim K. Gerger

        Hi Tono,

        Thank you for the screenshots. They help a lot.

        Just to make sure and to get the basic steps out of the way, could you please verify that:

        1. Gitora is installed at the PreProdSAGA database too.
        2. The Gitora installation at PreProdSAGA has at least one repository.

        Kind Regards,

        • Toño Alvarez

          Hello Yalim, I’ve made a fresh install and now it shows me the remote repository. Probably there was problem on the IP, because I was using the one of the DB, not the app. Thanks a lot for your help.

          • Yalim K. Gerger

            Hi Tono,

            Aha! 🙂 Happy to hear that the issue is resolved. Please let me know how your experiments with Gitora turns out.

            Kind Regards,