Gitora 6.4 is available

Gitora 6.4 is available for download. This version has the following changes:

  • Many bug fixes
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Completely new internals for the web application.
  • A new repo level security model. Admins can now determine who can access which repo.
  • Redesigned Gitora API’s. (
  • Enforce Compilation feature.

Enforce Compilation Feature:

Starting with 6.4 you can enforce that database objects developers commit to Git must be in a valid state. To do this, select your repo from the main select box and click the Edit Repo menu option.

The Edit Repo Dialog shows up:

Simply, check the Enforce Compilation checkbox and click save. From this point on, Gitora will ensure that every database object being committed to Git is in a valid state.

What Should be in a Valid State to Commit?

If the Enforce Compilation checkbox is checked, Gitora will follow the rules below to determine if an object can be committed to the repo:

  • The object must be in a valid state
  • If the object is a package or an object type and has a body, the body must also be in a valid state.
  • If the object is being referenced by other database objects, and the references are NOT checked out by other developers, these database objects must also be in a valid state.
  • If Gitora finds an invalid object, it will attempt to compile it and will not allow the developer to commit if the compilation fails.
  • Gitora will not allow developers to add a database object to a repo, if it is in an invalid state.

You can download Gitora 6.4 from this link.