What is the Difference between Gitora and SQL Developer’s Git Interface?

We’ve been getting this question a lot lately, so I thought it is a good idea to write a blog post about it.

In SQL Developer, you work in the database schema and edit PL/SQL code units. Then you manually move them to a folder managed by Git. SQL Developer helps you run Git commands on these files with a point and click interface. When you issue a Git command that changes your code base, you have to manually carry over the changed code units to the database by running the scripts.

In Gitora, if you modify a PL/SQL code unit in the database, you do not need to manually copy the updated script to a folder managed by Git. Gitora does that automatically. Similarly, if you issue a Git command using Gitora’s point and click interface, Gitora automatically updates the PL/SQL code units that are effected by your Git command. Gitora also has a check out mechanism that works at the database level, meaning that if you check out a PL/SQL code unit, no one else can edit it until you release or commit it. This is enforced at the database level. So there are no back doors.

So the advantages of Gitora’s approach are:

– A lot less manual work. Every Git command in Gitora updates your database code automatically.
– A lot less human errors. Copying files back and forth manually is very error prone.
– No back doors. Gitora enforces that if an object is being edited by someone, no one else can edit it. Version control is not something you do on the side but it is tightly integrated into your workflow and enforced.
– It works with any editor. You can use SQL Developer, SQL Navigaor, TOAD or PL/SQL Developer. It doesn’t matter. Everyone in your team can use a different editor if they choose to do so. Gitora still works.

Yalim K. Gerger

  • 4SN

    This is what we are looking for from a database group. We are using Atlassian Stash and it would be extremely attractive if such integration is there.
    1) Is it on the road map and when?
    2) We can use some demo if you already have it.

    • http://www.gerger.co Yalim K. Gerger


      Thank you for your interest in Gitora. We’ve got a number of features in the pipeline that would benefit a larger set of users. (Not many people use Stash.)

      However, we do add these kind of niche features to Gitora as part of our professional service offering. So you could use that and we’d deliver this integration according to your schedule.

      Kind Regards,
      Yalim K. Gerger