Gitora Webinar

On February 16th, we hosted a webinar about Gitora 5. Many thanks to everyone who attended. The recording of the webinar is below.

You can view the slides for the webiner below. You can also download the slides from this link.

There were a few questions we received several times during the webinar. We’d like to reiterate our answers below:

How does Gitora work with GitLab, GitHub or similar services…?
Gitora repos work with these services just like any other local Git repo does. From the point of GitLab, GitHub or similar services, Gitora repos are just local repos that you can push to these services.

How can I create a merge/pull request with Gitora?
Merge/Pull request is not a Git feature. It is a GitHub/GitLab feature. You can continue creating merge/pull requests on these services using the same workflow you use for any other local repo. To create a merge/pull request for a Gitora repo, first push your repo to GitHub/GitLab using the Gitora web app (or use Git directly). Next, go to your GitHub/GitLab account and create your merge/pull request.

How can I work on two different projects with different deadlines in the same code base using only one development database and send only code related to one project to the test database?

Update: Gitora 6 introduced Single Schema Repos (SSR). SSR’s enable developers to work on different projects with different deadlines in the same code base using only one development database. Please read our Gitora 6 announcement post for more.