Database Script Management

Database developers and DBA’s have many scripts that they use for various purposes such as performance monitoring, migration, software upgrades and database maintanance.

There is often no good way to manage these scripts. DBA’s, developers end up emailing them to each other. The lack of good management and communication around scripts causes human mistakes during database upgrades and maintanance.

Gitora 5.1 Enterprise Edition introduces a new feature called Scripts. In Gitora 5.1, each Gitora repo has a separete section where you can manage your database scripts with the power of git.

Gitora scripts feature provides a single source of truth to DBA’s and developers.

Simply create any folder hierarchy you want and add your scripts to Gitora.

Git will store the entire version history of your scripts. You can view changes in your scripts over time. Find out who changed what and when.

You can also restrict who can edit the scripts.

When you pull a repo from one database to another, the scripts will move with the repo to the target database. This ensures that you always move the right version of a script to the target database, preventing emails, IM messages and many other needless back and forth between developers and DBA’s.