Introducing Gitora For Data

We are thrilled to announce the release of a brand new app: Gitora For Data.

Gitora For Data seamlessly integrates data in your tables with Git, enabling robust version control. Utilize any Git command for collaboration and effortlessly import any dataset version back into your chosen database. Gitora For Data is ideal for versioning metadata, business logic, Large Objects (LOBs), and value lists in your tables.

A Solution for Database Centric Applications

Many teams in the Oracle database community build database centric applications where most of the business logic, code, settings, workflows and even user interfaces are stored in the database tables. This has great benefits but it comes at a great cost: Lack of version control. Deprived of version control, database teams struggle to collaborate. Having two people working on the same application becomes a daunting task, a trivial undertaking for middle tier and web developers. Deploying changes from the development database to production fairs no better. A missing row in a table, a forgotten CLOB update causes havoc. Gitora For Data is our first attempt to provide a solution to these shortcomings.

Database centric application development is an area with a lot idiosyncratic implementations and no real industry wide standards. Accommodating the wide range of requirements may take additional features. We are looking forward to hearing from you. We fully anticipate that there will be unique needs and Gitora For Data application architecture is flexible enough to support a wide variety of requirements.

We published two tutorials already. One that shows how you can get started and one that shows how to start versioning your metadata.

You can download Gitora For Data from this link.